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Bayer – Cologne: forecast and bet by Alexey Andronov

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Bayer – Cologne: forecast and bet by Alexey Andronov

The so-called # 171; Cologne Derby# 187; although formally Leverkusen this is a suburb. But it is known that the relationship between teams is not very simple. All recent years, for about 30 years, if not more, Leverkusen has more fame than # 171; Cologne# 187;. The matches between these teams always turn out to be fierce, they have a lot of emotions. And there will be a lot of them this time. It's totally undeniable.

# 171; Bayer# 187; is not in the best condition. But for me he is still a favorite. Truth, # 171; Cologne# 187; will surely come out to kick your opponent in the teeth. There is something # 171; Cologne# 187; play. Besides himself # 171; Bayer# 187; plays frivolously on the defensive.

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Selecting a rate # 171; total over 2.5 goals# 187; with odds 1.81. Any option can happen, even the defeat of one of the teams.

Editorial forecast

Let's choose a simple bet on the home win # 171; Bye Arenas# 187;. I don't think the new coach # 171; Cologne# 187; will be able to transform the game of a team that has not won for a very long time in a few days.

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