TV Babylon A guide to the scandals of the stars of the small screen

TV Babylon owes its genesis to the seminal work, Hollywood Babylon by Kenneth Anger. Examining the lives and loves and deaths of your favourite television celebrities. Among the celebrities featured, it covers the "curse of EastEnders", goes behind the doors of Coronation Street and divulges the secrets of Blue Peter. It also features sections on sex, nudity, crime and bad boys and girls in Babylon.

The critics speak:

"Perfect for couch potatoes" - Woman's Journal

"It's all right this book...potentially brilliant" - loaded

"More than you could want to know" - Marie Claire

"Well-written, bitchy and on-point" - Attitude

"Enough bits of salacious tittle-tattle to satisfy the most voracious appetite" - The Mail

"A handy compendium of small screen scandal... some fine lesser known tittle-tattle" - Venue