Fade to Black A Book of Over 1500 Movie Obituaries

 Fade to Black, now in its fourth edition, has become a standard work among film buffs who want to know more about their favourite film personalities than just a list of films. It has full dates for birth, death and marriages - and many film premieres and release dates - for more than 1,500 personalities from Aaliyah to Adolph Zukor who died aged 103 and said, "If I'd known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself".

Included are not just the big stars but a wealth of important characters from the history of film. Some achieved world fame or great power. Some were consigned to obscurity after one scandal too many. Other hid dark secrets that would only emerge after their deaths.

With a foreword by Michael Winner.

The critics speak:

"A terrific compilation, Paul has an unerring eye for the fascinating" Jeremy Beadle, Daily Express

"This book is essentially sick, weird and obsessively trivial - and I loved it!" Ron Cerebona, Canberra Times 

"Not just a pretty reference book, Fade To Black is one of those sleep-deprivers that has you flicking away until the wee hours of the morning" Scott Podmore. Sunday Herald Sun

"Massive and massively readable." Total Film

"A book you'll pick up again and again." The Canada Post

"Weirdly compulsive, it's the sort of book it's all too easy to get lost in. A five-minute cursory inspection can easily turn into hours of flicking between entries, browsing Paul Donnelley's accounts of the dear departed." James Oliver

"Marvellous." Sheridan Morley