501 Most Notorious Crimes

The Sunday Times Top 10 Best-Seller

Crime is an endlessly fascinating subject - crime novels sell in their millions each year; detectives - amateur and professional - have been a staple in the cinema and television ever since the media were invented. Readers and viewers thrill to their exploits as they solve seemingly baffling crimes and apprehend the baddie bringing them to justice. However, as this fascinating survey of 501 Most Notorious Crimes shows, true crime is often more bizarre than its fictional counterpart.

Beginning in Biblical times and ending in the Twenty-First Century, the book recounts the most horrific, gruesome, frightening, unusual, chilling and blood-curdling crimes of all time and from all over the world from the mansions of Beverly Hills to the slums of India. Divided into ten chapters are tales of grave robbers, unsolved crimes, crimes passionels, serial killers, child killers and child killings, kidnappings, spies, prison escapes, terrorism, witchcraft, necrophilia, miscarriages of justice and just about every criminal activity you can imagine.

Each entry tells you the exact date of the crime, in some cases the exact time, and in most instances the actual location. The murder of Lord Lucan's children's nanny happened at 46 Lower Belgrave Street, Belgravia, London while the kidnapping that led to the creation of Stockholm Syndrome to describe kidnap victims bonding with their captors occurred at the Sveriges Kreditbank, Norrmalmstorg Square, Stockholm, Sweden. It is a book to which you will return again and again.




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The critics speak:

"Recounting some of the most harrowing crimes ever known, this book is a comprehensive and fascinating look at the darker side of humanity... this is not a read for the faint hearted!"

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