Assassins and Assassinations

An in-depth look at 25 of the world's most infamous assassinations revealing who did it and why plus a plethora of little-known facts about each case. (From New Holland, September 2008)
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The critics speak:

"Fascinating and readable accounts of the most important assassinations of history."
David Wallechinsky, Author of The Book of Lists

"No flannel. No puff. No speculation. In a word - Detail! Detail! Detail! The obvious and essential are included but what makes this work so irresistible is its sheer enthusiasm for sharing the odd, little known and downright incredible."
Jeremy Beadle

"His book is triumphant in two ways. The first triumph is stylistic. Unlike similar books on the subject Donnelley writes with authority but does not tire the reader with turgid prose. The second triumph is ethical. Donnelley does not allow himself to pander to the constant harpings of conspiracy theorists who see every American assassination as an act of government betrayal."